Welcome to my blog about living the lifestyle for you! about me pictureWuberlife was created from a combination of my last name Wu + Goober! All my life I’ve been referred to as a goofball whether it came down to my hairstyle or the way I acted! Instead of rejecting that idea I decided to embrace the attitude and it has developed me both personally and professionally. I write to provide my experiences and practical tips for traveling and developing your own outlook on financial freedom. The goal of this website is to hopefully inspire and also open people’s minds about how to gain their free time. My blogging tips will be about travel hacking and building passive income sources. To all my visitors, I would appreciate any feedback or conversation about how I can help you achieve your travel dreams or develop your own personal income.

My Personal Story!

Hi I’m Andy just another person on this big planet. I love traveling but more importantly I love helping others travel and building their own financial freedom so that they can gain what I consider the most important thing: free time. Creating memories and taking care of my family (mom + dad) are two of my favorite items but would be hard to do without free time! Today, I am happy that I am able to travel and take care of my mom and dad.

But life didn’t start this way.

In 2012, I graduated as a chemical engineer from Georgia Institute of Technology. I scored a job at an Oil company in LA and got to work developing a foundation for a home for my mom and dad. 2 years after working I realized that no matter how much time I spent optimizing my time, a job physically stranded me to a location. After traveling on a backpack trip to South America, I finally realized I needed location independence. Since then I have started multiple businesses to gain location independence but failed numerous times due to a multitude of reasons.

I am still scared of failure everyday. I think about the well being of my parents and them knowing that I don’t have a job. With my parents relying on me for retirement, I am scared of the disappointment that I might bring them one day. I don’t know if I will be able to find a job when I get back to the US. But I am committing myself to this blog no matter the outcome to hopefully bring the tips I have to others one day.

WuberLife’s Guiding Principles

1. Always believe that your success of is your own work and a little bit of luck!

You are the only one who is responsible for your destiny and the success of your future! Making sure you are accountable to yourself is one of the hardest things you can do but once you get this habit down, accomplishing things will be a breeze and when the luck comes, you will be ready for it.

2. If there is a REAL will, there is a REAL way.

Many people have always used the phrase if there is a will there is a way but I find that misleading as people interpret will as a figment of imagination. As I was working I realized that the will, the desire, the want really needs to be genuine and the way to get there will come naturally. Developing the will for something is much harder than the way but if you can accomplish this first step, the following steps will come naturally.

3. Life is a Journey so forge it the way that will bring you happiness.

I never really understood this one until I started traveling that each day could be so different. If you ever had a bad day know that it was 1 day out of the many years you have left to live. One bad day might teach you something you never forget and realizing that everyday is another chance to learn something new will keep you positive for the rest of your life. Take each day with full force so that one day when you look back on your journey you will have no regrets.