This section will be keeping tabs on my online entrepreneurial journey! I hope with this section I can inspire others that it is possible to have location independent business. In addition I will be keeping income reports and also keeping myself accountable through this section in my blog post. Follow along on my journey and watch me make my mistakes and hopefully be successful online one day.

I’ve decided to pursue two types of online businesses, one is affiliate marketing website using amazon affiliates and the other is a paid traffic strategy for drop shipping products. If you want to learn about these business models just google the different types of online business models!

Amazon Associates Website

For this website in July I was finally able to finish up some of the design of the website and start inserting my affiliate links. I outsourced some content to be written on the topic regarding the website and learned how much detail in the instructions you have to be with outsources. My next plan for the website if to follow some link building tactics to start increasing the google rank of my website. I won’t be revealing the website itself due to privacy reasons. My goals for August include:

  1. Submit website to niche online directories.
  2. Comment on 5 blogs in the related niche a day.
  3. Ask 20 blogs about the possibility of guest posting.
  4. Create 5 more articles of content with researched keywords

Income: 0.00$

Expense: 180$


Dropshipping Website

I plan on taking the course called dropshipping lifestyle in August. Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce like Amazon. I am pursuing this business model because it includes the ability to accrue miles very quickly due to the purchase of inventory but not actually handling the inventory. The ability to accrue miles on credit cards provides me the flexibility I can use for traveling when I want too. My goals for August include:

  1. Finish Dropshipping Course
  2. Choose Niche
  3. Contact 10 suppliers and get approved for dropshipping
  4. Setup Shopify store, and finish design of site.
  5. Aim for first sale by the end of the month.

Income: 0.00$

Expense: 0.00$