cresecent houses in bath
An entire housing complex built in a crescent shape!

Bath – a UNESCO world heritage site and a city made of all the same stone! There really is only reason to come to this city which is to check out the roman baths! Just kidding there are some architectural delights to visit along the way.


Bath is a relatively easy town to get to from all sides. From Cardiff I took a train which is within 10 minutes of the city center. The central bus station is also located right outside of the train station so its quite convenient no matter which form of transportation you take. The train was about 30 minutes from Cardiff. If you are coming from London, where most visitors come from, the journey is about 1.5 hours.

Things I Did

Bath Free Walking Tour

Surprisingly this small little town had a free walking tour and it was quite high quality. The tour was actually led by a long time resident of the city so the history lessons were quite accurate. The actual tour will lead you to see all of the main sites of the city including: the royal crescent, the abbey square, the church, the old town walled areas, and the outside of the roman baths. The tour presents some interesting information about how Bath was developed as a city and some of the funny history behind Bow Nash. Can you find the yellow door?

Time required: 2-3 Hours  Price: Free  Rating: 4/5

Interesting Decoration at the Main Mall in Bath
crescent waterfalls bath
Cool Waterfall Section You See During Walking Tour

Roman Baths Tour

Now this is what I came here for, the first part of the tour reveals some mini models on what the bath probably looked like during the Roman times. The actual baths themselves are disgusting and hence why they haven’t been used in years. The baths actually house multiple rooms including some for cooling, heating, super heating, and rinse off. The best part is seeing the heated room as it was built above a stove oven essentially. Anyone getting a massage in the heated room actually needed to wear Sandals because the floor would get so hot it could burn your feet. At the end of the tour you get to taste some of the water tasted like blood to me. Overall I liked the amount of extra history that the attraction tries to provide for you and I think its worth the high cost.

Time required: 2 Hours   Price: 14$   Rating: 5/5

sitting at roman baths
Sitting at the Bottom of the Roman Baths!
roman bath overview
The View of the Roman Baths From the Entrance!
roman bath ruins
Real Ruins left from the Roman Times!

What to Eat

Something Something? Nothing Nothing?

I tried some small mini dishes at this restaurant to see if what English tapas were about! The first dish was some green harassa spice chicken wings. The actual harassa gave it a smoky dry taste but not like BBQ sauce. The taste was also very shortlived surprisingly with absolutely no aftertaste. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone especially because the texture of the chicken wing was also changed due to this seasoning. The second small dish was pork with pea mush! The pork cut was pork belly that was actually deep fried. I loved how crispy the pork was and how well it complemented the pea mush. Definitely a recommended dish to try!

fried pork with green pea mush Fried Pork Belly with Green Pea Mush!

green harassa chicken wings Green Harassa Spiced Chicken Wings


My time in Bath was so short but I was able to hit the main attraction of the city as well as learn the history in different parts of the city. Coming to this city really only takes a day and can be easily completed as a day trip while visiting London. During this time I met a friend called Ming-Han who I ended up spending time with in London (coming up in the next post)!