When I was traveling around Europe, I didn’t even know that there was a country here. I decided to drop by this country on the way to Austria for a day and see what it had to offer. When I first arrived I noticed the castle walls and the depth of the valley where the city is divided. I’m surprised that for such a small state the city itself is quite breathtaking and posh especially in old town. Since the state is in between many bigger states many of the residents speak at least 3 languages due to the need and communications they need to handle their surrounding economies! I found the city quite unique and charming!


Coming from Antwerp in Brussels, the train station is centrally located to the town. It is within 10 minute walking distance of the city center and probably within 20 minutes of most hostels or hotels located in the area (not many hostels). The central bus station is located right outside the train station as well. There is no need for public transportation to explore old town. Everything is within a 15 minute walk of each except the walks to the old castle walls! These are within 20 minute walk that involves a small hike to the park area.

Things I Did

Walk around Old Town

The city had many similarities of the town square to the other towns in Belgium. The old town is surrounded by parks on all sides and warrants a walk through while you pass by some of the monuments on the edges of the old town. From old town you can see across the gorge and some of the beautiful bridges. On a clear day the views are gorgeous across the chasm. There is also a free cathedral you can enter and take a look at but it is nothing unique.

Time required: 4 Hours Price: Free Rating: 3/5

cathedral outside Entrance To the Only Cathedral in the City

cathedral relic Cathedral Relic Time!

cool swing decoration Love the Swing Decorations In The Main Shopping Area

East Side Ruins

On the east side of the city you can actually walk a hike up to old parts of the castle wall. Many of these areas are UNESCO world heritage and can lead you to very interesting places around the city. Near the east side are the two walls with big towers which are quite secluded. I noticed there were a few groups of friends and couples having picnics on top of the walls! This is a great spot to check out and enjoy some quiet while you are traveling around in Europe. Walking all the way to the back of this area reveals some of the newer buildings which are good for a few pictures.

Time required: 2 Hours   Price: Free   Rating: 4/5

view gleaming into the river area View from Crossing the Bridge to East Side!

east side remaining castlke walls Preserved Castle Towers!

east side castle walls Solitary Castle Walls That you Can Have a Picnic at!


Overall Luxembourg is a tiny place (both the city and the state). The entire town can be done in 2 days and doesn’t require any tours to explore the depth of the place. This post is brief and concise because the city itself only takes a brief visit and that’s all! Onto my next destination of Munich! As I mentioned I only spent 1 day here and was able to see most of what the town had to offer.