*Unfortunately my hard drive with these pictures broke! I will post pictures as soon as I get the hard drive fixed*

All right this post is going to be super short! On the way to Prague I decided to stop by Obertraun because I heard about the Dachstein Ice Caves. I had never been to an ice cave before and it’s the only reason to even visit this town. The transportation options to the town are extremely limited. There is only 1 transfer station to this town requiring extra stops along the way no matter which direction you are coming from. The town itself is desolate and doesn’t offer much in terms of food or shopping. There are a few good walks around the lake that are gorgeous but really you are here for the ice caves!

Dachstein Ice Caves

The actual attraction itself requires you to take the cable car to the cave locations. The ticket package comes as either visiting one cave, both caves, or all caves and the top of the mountain. The weather was complete crap the day I visited so I bought the ticket for both caves which included the ice caves and mammoth caves. The mammoth caves housed some of the biggest cavities (in cave world) and is a gorgeous walk inside, the tour is about and hour and half long. I love the areas but due to the lack of lighting it really was hard to take good pictures. Next was the ice cave which was about a 40 minute tour. The cave really was colder than expected to make sure to dress warm! The cave shows about 4 different areas of formations which look majestic with the different lights that are installed in the cave. There is one area where they show a popsicle looking ice formation that grows every year when they close the cave off. The views are fantastic andn I would recommend doing this if you have never been to an ice cave before. But if you’ve been to some of the amazing ones (that I’ve heard about) in Iceland or similar than the ice cave here is definitely not worth your money.


I really liked my first cave experience but for some reason it lacked thee magic that you get when you hike for 2 hours up a mountain. The total cost was about 35 euros for the package but I wouldn’t do this again for any reason. I would highly recommend buying the 40 euros package that allows you to go to the top of the five finger platform. On a clear day the views up there are astonishing and would complement the trip into the cave. Since the weather was horrible on the day I was there I don’t think it was worth the money at all. If you have an extra day or two, Hallstatt is one train station away and a UNESCO site which is a gorgeous town to visit and contains more options for food and attractions.