Coming to this tiny town in Austria, it is definitely considered the road trip definition for any major city. In Atlanta, I used to take a 4 hour road trip to Savannah to visit the town for its charm and to get away from the city which is the exact same feel that Salzburg gave me. The town itself is full of history including the birthplace of Mozart if you are into classical music! I even found a bread shop that made bread in the shape of music notes, too bad they weren’t selling them to eat. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t perfect during my stay but provided for some great shots.

*Unfortunately my hard drive with these pictures broke! I will post pictures as soon as I get the hard drive fixed*


Since I was coming from Munich, I took the train into the station which is relatively accessible by most major train companies. The station is located within a 15 minute walk of Salzburg old town (across the river). Unfortunately my hostel (Meinienger Hostel) was about a 20 minute walk in a different direction which was somewhat inconvenient which reminds me that you should always be looking at the hostel location in conjunction to where the attractions are to calculate total time spent. The actual old town center is only a 10 minute walking distance from end to end and no public transportation is needed. The amount of history is astonishing which makes this little town a great place for a 2 day trip.

Things I Did

Salzburg Walking Tour

This walking tour is by Sanderman’s again! Just kidding, this is one by Wuber. I recommend walking the early parts of the town in the morning because the farmer markets (Saturdays & Sundays) only last until 1pm ish therefore giving you the experience of this local town with its local produce. The market is worth getting a sausage at which they eat with mustard on the side. At one side of old town is the Salzburg Abbey which is a must visit for its architectural grandness. The amount of detail that was carved into the stone in this abbey is astonishing. I ended up sitting in the abbey for 20 minutes just admiring the detail. In addition a few other of the walking areas include the Mozart Statue, Mozart’s house, padlock bridge, and the castle gardens! A gorgeous place to walk around for a few hours.

Time required: 3-5 Hours Price: Free  Rating: 5/5

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The castle sitting above Salzburg old town, looks so grand from the bottom but the views are even grander (unfortunately not of the castle though). The castle offers some good history of the fort during the beginning of the tour. Unfortunately the castle museums are mediocre at best which detail a bit of the life and the military history of the fort. But the best part of the castle, are the views looking out of the castle. The castle is surrounded on all sides by the Alps and offers many amazing spots to take selfies and pictures. From the front side you can see all of the old town of Salzburg and the castle gardens. On clear days you can definitely see the snow into all of the Alp areas. All in all a great visit for the pictures.

Time required: 2-4 hours   Price: 15$   Rating: 3/5

What to Eat

Sausage with Mustard

This local sausage from the farmers market was okay at best. The sausage is broiled instead of grilled or fried which provides for a somewhat healthier taste. I wasn’t able to figure out what the sausage was made of but it wasn’t anything special like you see in other Slavic countries.


I only spent a day and a half in Salzburg but I got out of the trip what I needed. If you have extra time I recommend going to Mozart’s house and checking out the history there as well as the ??? mountain (30 minutes away from the old town). I heard there are great views of the Alps at the ??? mountain that are worth every dollar spent. If your going to visit the castle, Mozart house, and the ??? mountain than I recommend the Salzburg visitor card. You can pretty much do all of it in about 12 hours and the card costs about 22 euro. Visiting any 2 of these attractions can easily recover the cost of your card. (one of the few visitor cards I found worth it). I got my country relaxation in Salzburg and now onto the big city of Prague.