Hey guys, welcome to my September update,it’s been rather tough trying to do this on the road! But I’m still learning a lot about the process itself and kinda of dropped the ball on my affiliate website! Hopefully I will be able to make some real progress as soon as possible with my new big focus!

Buying a Website

This month I’ve listened to a bunch of podcasts on web equity and have a feel for how to buy website and started looking at due diligence on websites! I’ve also looked at some different niches and learned the process on buying a site. Definitely checking amazon associates ID’s and key traffic stats are super important for the website future moving forward! The goals this month are still the same and I am constantly looking for a website purchase!

  1. Practice doing due diligence on websites for sale.
  2. Actually buy a website if the right opportunity strikes.

Amazon Associates Website

This Month I was able to get some more articles out and commented on about 10 more blogs! I’m thinking about ways to get backlinks now to the site so that I can start building out the rankings for the website! I like the fact that I am starting to get some referral traffic! I was also able to finish my outsourcing template for content direction and that I focused on writing out some serious buyer guides! The focus for this month will be:

  1. Create 5 more articles for the website!
  2. Start working on some backlinking strategies!

Income: 0.00$

Unfortunately I still haven’t made any sales yet.

Expense: 800$

Dropshipping Website

I decided to no longer pursue the dropshipping model as it doesn’t pertain much in a value since to what I really want to do in terms of online businesses. My focus will be on the affiliate website and the other website I just purchased to try and turn it around.