Lake District Park is one of the most beautiful parks and the most visited park in the UK. The park itself contains more than 10+ lakes and has a wide range of activities for everyone including children! The lake itself is quite accessible by train from all parts of England and by certain bus routes as well! Any nature junkie will love this place!

Lake Windermere Sunshine


Getting here is quite simple by train but requires a few connections as the lake is out of the way from some the main railroad lines. When you arrive at Lake Windermere, just proceed past the station going downwards on the road and you will be in town with a bunch of hostels/hotels and restaurants. It takes about 20 minutes to walk down to the dock where the ferries are. If you take Virgin Trains, there is actually a clause that they will refund a percentage of your ticket if the train is late and mine was over an hour late so I got a free ride!

Going from Lake Windermere to Glenridding was a bit tricky, if you actually want to move between the different lakes, there are certain bus routes that run only during the weekdays and during the weekends. Most trains do not travel in between the different parts of the lakes. During my travels I had to take an early train out of the village and back into the park. For extended stays I highly recommend renting a car as most hikes and towns are more accessible by car.


Things To Do

  1. Lake Windermere – This lake is surrounded on all sides by different mountains and provides a gorgeous views on the ferry across especially if it’s a sunny day. I only had one day here and decided to take the ferry to Amberside on the other side of the lake. The Amberside town has a small city center with a bunch of small antique shops. Other than that there are some small waterfalls and hikes around the town that you can complete in 1 hour. Pretty much can complete this town in 3 hours and head back to the other side of the lake! If you have a knack for water sports, there are plenty of kayaking/boating options offered on all sides of the lake.

Windermere ferrry lake

Windermere lake

  1. Helleyvn – This hike takes about 5 hours and results in a charming view of the lake below it. The path has multiple routes up but both routes include some moderate rock climbing which was the highlight of the climb. The first part of the hike goes along the river to the lake and over a small mountain with stone steps and dirt paths.                Hike path upStone steps up                                                                                                                                                Once you get to the small lake, the path splits into one long but less rocky and one shorter but more rocky path. I recommend the shorter rocky path if you are on a time crunch as I was due to weather implications! The longer path offers views on another side of the mountain as well. Once you get to the top the views are breathtaking especially overlooking the lake!

Rocky path

Lake from side

What to Eat

  1. English Tea – I had heard that English tea was a staple out in the country side and it was okay in my opinion. The tea is supposed to be brewed for aboiut 1 and half minutes and I over brewed mine by 1 minute giving the tea a bit of a solid taste.

English Tea   Broccoli Soup   Beer


Lake District is a gorgeous place to explore nature in the summer. Each lake offers its own unique scenery and a week here would be recommended. Since I only took 2 days in the Lake District Park, I pre planned all of routes and hikes beforehand. With some extra time it would possible to spend time biking in between the different lakes as well as enjoy some kayaking on the flat parts of the lake.