This city was my first stop when I decided to start a journey traveling for extended period of time so it holds some special meaning to me! I was truly scared coming off the plane but realized that this city was like any other city and so transportation can be figured out. Manchester was an industrial town before it became more of the hipster type of town it is now! You can definitely spend an afternoon just drinking a beer and relaxing in the different parks they have here.

Town Hall

Mini Gold

Things To Do

  1. Museum of Science and Industry – All museums in the UK are free and I liked the diversity of this museum as it included items from the old steam engines and loom weaving days of Manchester. The museum is located in multiple buildings and even houses the first ever rail station built in the world. rail stationBeing an engineer, I really enjoyed the part about old school engines which have demonstrations of the engines working starting early afternoon. This museum is also great for kids.

Time required: 2-3 Hours  Price: Free  Rating: 5/5


Steam room



  1. John Rylands Library – Library has a small section of exhibits to walk through that are constantly changing but the real attraction here is the reading room. The room contains gorgeous architecture and you can actually study there if you want.

Time required: 40 minutes  Price: Free   Rating: 3/5


  1. Manchester Cathedral – This cathedral is small but still contains a decent amount of architectural history. The woodwork near the back of the cathedral beside the great altar definitely cool pictures spots. Great for pictures but that’s about it.

Time required: 20 minutes   Price: Free   Rating: 3/5

manchester cathedral outside

manchester cathedral

  1. Picadally Gardens – I loved this outdoor spot near the tram station. Definitely a place to be in the early afternoon and a bunch of café’s and restaurants around the park selling beer for you to drink. Good area for a family picnic on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Time Required: 35 minutes  Price: Free   Rating:4/5

  1. Day Trip to Manchester United – You can get here by taking the tram for the station in Picadally Square. This tour is really cool especially if you’re a Manchester United fan. The tour walks you through the field and the training of athletes for the team during its history. You also get to check out the VIP area and the changing rooms of both the home and away teams as well view the press room! The stadium isn’t super impressive but offers some great picture shots! For me, this was a great learning experience about “football” in general especially about learning about the youth training program that MU sponsors.

Time Required: 4-5 Hours Price: 18-30$ Rating:4/5

manchester united

me changing the room

changing room

MU Stadium

What to Eat

Byron – Proper Burger – I got a “proper” burger here with bacon! The meat itself was rough and felt like rubber. The bacon was definitely old and not even that crispy. The service was pretty okay at best but make sure you are really craving this place before you go. It does not compare even close to In and Out from California.


Wetherspoon – This pub is open all day with families and pub crowds in attendance at all times of the day. I got a chicken sandwich here but the best part is that you can add on a beer for 1 pound. The sandwich wasn’t bad (doesn’t beat Chick-fil-A) but with the nice cheap beer everything was great. At this restaurant make sure you walk up and order then bring the your locator back to the seat.


Pieminster – This was the highlight of meals out in Manchester! I got the full pie with mash potatoes and mush peas! The beef stew inside of the pie itself was perfectly tender and complemented well with the crispy onion shallots that were provided. The pie itself cost about 7 pounds but definitely worth it and feels a bit more like a British dish. I definitely recommend this one.


Learning like a Local

I met multiple people in this city including two girls Ashleigh and Jessica. They were college students in town for a Coldplay concert and also brought me around town and introduced me to Wetherspoons! In addition, I met a girl named Vanessa and Clara who were traveling because of an internship and a break from studies. I noticed that a lot of younger people travel in Europe due to its accessibility which makes it a great trip! Vanessa showed me a bunch of other sights in different areas of Scotland to check out!

musuem of football


Manchester is definitely a great city to visit as a soccer fan and it has a great developing hipster scene with multiple outdoor and indoor areas for a chill beer. As an efficient traveler you can finish this city in two days with about 7-8 hours a day of walking and sightseeing. The total food quality is medium on my scale.