The Scotland highlands have a vast amount of lakes and mountains you can climb! I proceeded to take a road trip though the highlands to experience all it offered. Some of the main sights include the Isle of Skye and a variety of distilleries you can visit while traveling through the different regions! One key thing to note is to check the weather rights before you go on your trip. The weather fluctuates immensely in this region and can either make or break your trip. While in the Isle of Skye I stayed at a hostel called the Cowshed! I highly recommend this hostel because it looks like a 5 star hotel and you get treated like royalty.driving


Moving around in this region will be tough by train as the only town the train goes to is Inverness. From inverness you can take different bus routes to the various islands in the highlands but keep in mind these buses only have 3 or 4 routes a day making planning a hassle. For the highlands, I recommend renting a car and traveling on your own schedule as you might like some parts of the highlands more than others. Also if you are from the United States (or the rest of the world) you will have a fun time driving on the right side of the road.

Things To Do

  1. Fort Williams – This small little town is on its way up to Loch Ness and warrants a small drive by. I found out that the tallest peak in the UK (Ben Nevis) is located here but requires a 5-9 hours to make it up to the top and back down essentially requiring a total day trip. The town doesn’t have much to offer but if you get time to hike Ben Nevis than the day in this Area would be worth it!
  1. Loch Ness – Loch stands for lake in Scotland and this is where the famed Nessie or Lochness monster comes from. I took a cruise at 8 pm on this lake and it was absolutely magnificent! The lake is so eerie and deep that it feels like a different experience everytime cruising across. The cruise boat actually had depth readers which showed how deep the lake was as you cruised around the Lake. I really liked how one of the instruments could identify the different fish swimming at different depths in the lake. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the lochness monster during the cruise but the boat had little stickers on the windows for you to pretend you found the monster! I definitely recommend this cruise while in the Scotland Highlands.

lochness sign lochness cruise lochness lake

  1. Old Man of Storr – My first hike in the area was the old man of Storr which is a hike up to see one interesting rock formation. The parking area for this hike is kind of small but you can park on the side of the road if there are no spots left. The hike goes through multiple gated areas but offers breathtaking views of the rock formation and of the ocean islands!old man of storr
  1. Quirang – This hike takes you to in an interesting 3 rock formation on the norther part of the island. The main path of the hike takes you into the middle of the rock formation but you can hike off the beaten path to the top of the mountain overseeing the rock formation. I found this hike to be a lot more challenging and worthwhile! Just check out the pictures to see what I mean!quirang formation quirang view
  1. The Staffin Cove – This little charming town offers a restaurant and hotel perfect for a little stop in the night. I actually ended up watching the sunset here because of a bunch of outdoor sitting spots that were perfect for drinking a beer. The area definitely gets crowded in the evening so make sure to come early for a parking spot.

staffin cove

  1. Dunvegan Castle – Very awesome how castle owners open up there castle for visitors! This castle houses refurbished rooms and portraits of all of the previous castle owners. The courtyard in the back offers great views of the lake. The gardens itself are quite unique especially the walled gardens. It gives you a great sense of how much time was spent to renovate and maintain the walled gardens. The cost of this castle was 16 pounds if I remember correctly but not worth it because of the size and small area of the gardens.  dunvegan castle dunvegan garden
  1. Fairy Pools – This spot is a series of tiny pools from natural rock formations! The formations form in a variety of ways resulting in a beautiful series of waterfalls, streams, and pools! I recommend following the trails for the fairy pools all the way back to the source!fairy pool fairy pool 2
  1. Inverness – This is a small tourist town in the middle of the highlands and is worth 1 day stopover. The river running through the middle of the town is definitely picture worthy and even offers a small walking path through two small islands in the middle of the river! Plenty of food options in this area but avoid everything along the river as they are all tourist traps!

inverness river inverness


I took a 7 day road trip through the Scotland highlands and even visited the towns of Perth and Dundeen (not above) along the way. The highlands are actually smaller than they seem on the map and only about 4 days on the road are required to see the sights that I experienced in the post above. If you want to camp at certain parts of the trip then I recommend checking the weather even more as it rained 4 days out of my 7 day road trip. If you are only driving through the different geographic regions there are also a bunch of stopping points to take pictures so no matter your time frame you can see the beauty of this region. This a definite must do while you are in Scotland!