Cardiff is a tiny little city and the capital of Wales. Wales is quite a small province of the UK but houses some interesting history in this region of the world. During your time here make sure to pick up some Welsh words which are quite hard to pronounce. I ended up staying in a hostel called NosDa which I highly DO NOT recommend. There facilities didn’t even come close to matching the rating on Hostelworld and the Wifi just did not work. You’ve been warned!


Awesome design of a major center in the city!


For a lovely second time in a row, my bus and ferry were late on this journey to Cardiff. My bus ended up arriving at 6 am in the morning in the middle of a park to drop me off. Thankfully the city is quite small so I was able to walk from the park to the old town of the city in about 10 minutes. Both the train and bus station are within a 15 minute walk of the old town which is also where many of the hostels are located at.

Things I Did


Yes I did come to Europe to play video games for days at a time. Just kidding! Arcades in England are considered prime shopping areas and come from different architectural areas. There are 3 main types of arcades but I really liked the Victorian arcades the best. I don’t actually like shopping at all but had quite an appreciation for the type of architecture and the small cafes which gave me the feeling that this street was probably the most important street hundreds of years ago! Definitely recommend walking around all of the different arcades just to check out the design.

Time required:  1-2 hours  Price: Free  Rating: 4/5


Walking through this Victorian Arcade felt so old!

Wales Art Museum

This free museum houses both art and the history of how many of the painters developed their styles for Welsh art. The painters actually took a grand tour around Italy to learn about art and brought their learning back to develop their own style back in their homeland. The museum is quite small and if you like some renaissance paintings then this is the place for you. Overall not really a great museum for me.

Time required: 1-2 Hours   Price: Free   Rating: 2/5

img_6402 img_6401

Love random pieces of artwork!

Cardiff Castle

Another castle to visit again! This castle isn’t as grand as the Edinburgh castle but houses some interesting history along with Roman Ruins. The tour allows a walk along the castle walls and through the palace which houses very detailed decorated rooms. The coolest part was walking into the roofless keep where you could see how they would build structures in case of an actual siege. In the roofless keep you could move up to the top tower and get some great views of the parks and the city! Much of the Bute family history can also be learned during the tour. The part that made it for me was looking at the hunting owls that previous royalty would use as a hobby. There were multiple of owls used for different purposes though one looked like it was going to kill me. The smaller ones were so cute though.

Time required: 3 Hours   Price: 12$   Rating: 4/5

img_6442The castle isn’t big but it is quaint!

img_6445The roofs of the rooms are so elaborately decorated!
img_6463 The coolest owl showings ever! The castle normally displays about 7 owls at a time!img_6480 The Surrounded keep!img_6438
The Castles Famous Clock tower!

Blackweir bridge

The bridge was built in the 19th century and is located in the park north of city. The bridge looked a lot bigger and grand in the pictures but was actually quite tiny in the park and has really no detail put into the design. The park is worth a walk to get some peace and quiet but the bridge isn’t really worth visiting at all.

Time Required: 1 Hours  Price: Free Rating: 1/5

What to Eat

Welsh Omelet at The Deck Coffee House and Bakery

These types of omelets are completely flat and loaded with ingredients that you can choose from. I chose to have 2 vegetables and the chicken which meshed well with gooey eggs on top of the omelet. The chicken here was extremely dry and did not taste well at all which overpowered the whole taste of the omelet. I would recommend getting something saltier like sausage or ham instead of the chicken. The food is something interesting to try but wouldn’t come here again just for the omelet.

welsh-omelet I recommend getting sausage instead of chicken for your meat dish!

Hake with Squid at The Potted Pig

This restaurant was shown to me by a local to be some of the best food in the region.  I have to agree with the part about the region since Wales is so small but the food was okay for the price. I paid about 15$ for the meal including a starter and a main dish. For the starter I had garlic mushrooms on toast which were actually somewhat salty and sour. The tastes did not work well with each other in my opinion and makes your breath stink bad! For my main I had the Hake with squid which had a greatly grilled piece of Hake. In addition the squid had peas had a good mash of flavor different from the fish located below and provided a good sweet sautéed broth compared to my sour starter.

hake-with-squid The fish here was cooked perfectly and harmonized well with the squid!


I was only able to spend 1 night in Cardiff but that was more than enough to get through the main old town and the biggest attractions the city has to offer. I would definitely recommend checking out the main castle and then walking around to the different areas of the town especially near the water. There is a Doctor Who museum if you were a fan of the TV show and some good pictures in the town square. Overall a nice and small city that you can easily see in two days.

img_6425 Doctor Who entrance area!