Hey guys, welcome to my August update, I’m still trying to learn more about the process of online website business models and in addition do many things to learn the process. There hasn’t been too much progress this month with the websites but I’m starting to hold myself a lot more accountable regardless of how much I’m traveling right now.

Amazon Associates Website

For my amazon associates website I was unable to hit all of my goals in August. I was able to comment on about 25 more blogs related in the niche. I was also able to create 5 more articles of content with researched keywords. I read a couple of articles on the ranking of new websites and realized that I need to correct my 6 month plan. The first 3 months will be focused on getting 30 articles about content out onto the site and the last 3 months will be focused on link building and buyer intent articles. To this day I have about 20 articles on the website so I still have about 15 more to go. I’ve also created my template for the VA job offering and content writing instructions for the VA. This will help me narrow the amount of time I need to work managing my outsourced content. My goals for September:

  1. Create 15 more articles on information in my niche to get total article count close to 45 articles.
  2. Work on 1 more outsourcing template for a VA to manage content writers.

Income: 0.00$

Unfortunately I still haven’t made any sales yet.

Expense: 770$

This is increased due to the content I wanted outsourced and some site design that I paid for.


Dropshipping Website

Okay so I wasn’t able to start the Dropshipping course in August due to my laziness and the fact that I’m traveling with my mother. I realized I need some solid internet and a few weeks of not moving from place to place to hit this goal. I will be putting this goal on hold until Sep. 22 where I will have a solid session of time to learn how to properly put up a dropshipping store. My goals for Septemer:

  1. Finish Dropshipping Course

Income: 0.00$

Expense: 0.00$


Buying a Website

To speed up my learning curve, I started also looking into buying a website off of a broker. I’m looking for a website between 5,000 – 20,000$ so that it is not too big that I can’t handle that I can’t learn in a decent time frame. I’ve been looking at websites mainly on Empireflippers and think I have found one that I can turn around. Due diligence has been scary as I’m only following online guides on what to look for but hopefully will complete the purchase of a website in September. I will be looking for a website where I can spend time re optimizing the content and adding 1-2 monetization methods. My September goals:

  1. Practice doing due diligence on websites for sale.
  2. Actually buy a website if the right opportunity strikes.