Welcome to my recommended resources page! Everything in this page has been used by me personally and I would recommend them to family and friends! If you like my recommendations please consider using my links below!

Recommended Reading

Starting a Website? Make sure to get the right Hosting!

Hosting your website is crucial after you buy your domain name! I recommend using Siteground as they are the host for this blog and my affiliate websites! I love using them because they have some of the best customer service! Even people who work on websites all the time have issues and questions about some of the technical aspects when it comes to hosting! Most other hosting services are similar including 99.99% uptime and one click installations but don’t offer top notch customer service like Site Ground!

Get Your Hosting From Siteground Today!

Looking To Travel? Check Out the Gear that I Recommend!

These are all of the items that I have used and personally recommend while I travel!

Clothing – Almost all of my clothing is from UNIQLO’s Airism Brand! I love this brand because of its ability to dry in a matter of hours after handwashing!

Convertible Pants! – These convertible pants make it so easy to move between cold and hot weather!

Marmot Precip Jacket – This jacket is perfect for layering to protect against those cold winter travel days!

Backpack – TETON Sports Explorer 4000 – been handy since my 2014 South America Trip! Feel free to opt for one that has a padlocked zipper if you need one!

Money Belt – Eagle Creek Undercover – keeping the passport and money handy while travling on public transportation!

Merino Wool Socks! – a good pair of socks will dry quickly when washing!

Travel Organizer Full Pack! – a good travel organizer will help you pack light, was able to only use 3 of these bags to pack everything I needed!

DryLite Towel – Love these dry towels as they are compact! Just remember to wash them every week to keep the smell off!

TIGI Hair Wax – Wax to keep the long hair down!

HD Camera Lens For Your Phone! – Since I don’t have a DSLR, I use to help take wide angle pictures!

Portable Power Bank – My favorite local power bank because of the labels it provides! Won’t easily get taken away in different countries!

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – There will be downtime and Kindle is the best way to enjoy hundreds of books while on the go!

Newest Dell XPS 13 – If you need to work while you travel this is the laptop I use that gives balance between portability and performance!

Credit Monitoring

Monitoring your credit is one of the most important things in your financial life as well as your travel hacking endeavors! Luckily a lot of these services are free! Make sure to sign up for both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame for free today!