Optimus Points

Have a bunch of points but don’t know where to spend them? Don’t know how many points that you need to get somewhere? Tired of combing through of award charts and searching each program individually? Let us do it for you! I know how time consuming it can be and sometimes you don’t know if you are getting the best deal! Using my program and proprietary search methods I will give you a whole list of options to choose from and not only that we will book it for you if need be! Do you have a destination in mind? I can help you get there with the best route possible!

I Offer:

  1. Current Mileage Analysis with Combination Possibilities for Airlines & Hotels!

  2. Destination option listing for your current points as well possibilities!

  3. Destination planning using your points with specific options!

  4. Help transferring points between programs!

  5. Either booking or help booking your desired flight with the points!

  6. Dealing with last minute changes on award space and possible cancellations!

All for one set price: 100$

(currently not offered for Korea Airlines points)

Award Alerts 50$ – monitoring for upgrade award space and possible connections/stop overs!

Award Travel Here We Come!
angkor wat sunrise

You could be watching the sunset at Angkor Wat!

Don’t know which credit card you should get next? No worries, I am providing a free credit card recommendation based on what you have and your travel goals! Click Below to get started!

Free Credit Card Recommendation!
plitvice lakes

Explore the turquoise waters of this national park in Croatia!

budapest view

Budapest view from the old town!


Many people think of credit cards a liability instead of an asset! Don't let that be you! When I started,  I didn’t even know about or how I would be approved for the first card! Do you need help deciding which credit card or how to even maximize your spend for the most amount of points? This will bring a life changing way you see how to earn points! Fear not, I will show you the way! This credit card road map is customized for each individual because of the differences in locations/spending of each person!

What you’ll get:

  1. Travel Goals & Points analysis!

  2. Current Credit Card Analysis & Credit Report Analysis!

  3. Spending Pattern Analysis

  4. Points Optimization Roadmap for Spending Pattern

  5. Manufactured Spending Schedule! (if interested)

  6. Credit Card Application Screening and Approval Service

All for one price: 175$

Get Your Custom Roadmap Today!

The castle in the sky Sintra! You could be here soon!

little town in scotland highlands

Find this beauty in the Scotland Highlands!

General Consulting

I’ve been helping my close friends for a variety of things over the past few years! I’m bringing this service out to all! Each consultation will come with pre-screening of questions so that I can answer as much as I can in writing to maximize the time we have talking together! I am available in the following topics:

  1. Traveling and Planning Process!

  2. Credit Card Optimization

  3. Backpacking Alone/Navigation

  4. Real Estate Investing (strictly single family and multifamily housing, no commercial properties)

  5. Interview Planning and Optimization (mainly for new hires and college students)!

  6. Financial Planning Advice (budgeting, saving money, goal setting)

Price: 100$/Hour

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duomo milan

Checking out the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy!