Glasgow the forgetten industrial city of Scotland! This city originally started out as an industrial development city like Manchester but also experiences deindustrialization during economic depression in the 1900s. Since then the city itself has reinvested in museums and the infrastructure of the city itself. Glasgow now houses many museums dedicated to the city’s history and expression of Scottish art. The city itself is not geographically as big as Edinburgh but contains just as much culture as the city.glasgow musuem


The main train station for Glasgow is situated in between just over the river at the tail end of Buchanon street. This is quite a central location in the city and you can walk easily within 20 minutes to all parts of the city.  The farthest museum would be Kelvingrove which is about a 30 minute walk from the train station area. Most hostels are situated within 15 minutes walking distance of the central rail station. This city is small enough that I do not recommend public transportation because most attractions are easily within walking distance.

Things I Did

  1. Buchanon Street – This is the main shopping street of Glasgow that contains a majority of your mainstream clothing shops! The architecture on this street is amazing and also passes by a few museums and cathedrals if you follow the main path. As you head north the road turns to the left and you should be able to see a street market for a variety of foods. Beyond the architecture the street is like any other mainstream shopping street in a big city.

Time required: 1-2 Hours  Price: Free  Rating: 2/5glasgow square

  1. Glasgow Cathedral– The cathedral is located on the east side of the main city and contains decent artwork and architecture as most of the cathedrals in the UK. The design and layout is similar to the cathedral in Manchester but the central altar was quite different. I liked that this cathedral had a crypt below it which is a different attraction from most cathedrals. Personally I liked the preservation of the gothic design on the outside of the cathedral more than the interior design. Definitely worth dropping by and taking at the crypt. A must is definitely the look

Time required: 45 minutes   Price: Free w/ Donations Rating: 3/5cathedral cathedral back

  1. Glasgow Necropolis – I actually discovered the Necropolis on accident while I was taking pictures of the Cathedral! The necropolis is located on a hill and contains graves from many of the famous contributors to the city in the 1800s. It is amazing how some of the biggest graves are overlooking the city kind of letting the dead contributors look at their beloved city grow.There are many different types of graves with some having really expensive tombs and lengthy inscriptions. I found the life stories of these early contributors quite inspiring for my own life goals. The graveyard itself has multiple paths and is mainly uphill through different time zones of deaths from the city. This area even had some couples spending quality time and locals exercising using the hills. I recommend this to all who need a place to quietly self-reflect while they are traveling!

Time required: 2 Hours   Price: Free  Rating: 5/5


  1. Kelvingrove Musuem – This museum is located a little out of the way from city center in the west side of glasgow’s finer suburbs. I really appreciated the section on the Glasgow boys as it showcased art from the locals of the city. In addition the section on Glasgow’s development as a city from the 1500’s really defined the transition stages that the city experienced. The highlight for this museum is the live organ playing. At certain scheduled times of the day a professional comes on and plays the organ for 30 minutes and since the museum is constructed as a huge hall the music resounds throughout the museum. I sat down and listened to the music for the entire session drowned in the peace that it brought. Outside the museum is the tallest terracotta fountain in the world so make sure to check it out.

Time Required: 2-4 hours Price: Free Rating: 4/5

kelvingrove inside Kelvingrove organ

  1. Glasgow Botanical Gardens – This garden contains every possible climate of flowers inside and is about a 1 hour walk through about every plant. I liked the variety of plants showcased in this garden but the difference from other major botanical gardens is not much. It is worth a walk through if you have extra time but nothing is special in particular.

Time Required: 1 Hour Price: Free Rating: 2/5

botanical cardenWhat to Eat

Vietnamese Food at Hanoi Bike Shop – By this point I had needed some Asian food and this small little shop hit the spot. The food is served street style therefore it is great to go with a friend because the food is shared together. I was able to enjoy the little beef patties which I recommend to anyone because of the tenderness! In addition the bowl of Pho was comparable to some of the shops in Los Angeles.

beef patties


hanoi bike shop interior

The Ubiquitous Chip – This is one of the prettiest and relaxing restaurants that I have been to. I wanted to check out some of the smaller fine dining scenes at the spot. For my main dish I ordered the slow roasted lamb which had intense flavoring. The garnish on the dish had a sweet flavor to contend with saltiness of meat oil.To complement the meat dish I ordered Scottish stovies which are a traditional potato dish. The potato dish was a bit dry for a roast but worked well with the juicy lamb.

slow roasted lamb StoviesSummary

Glasgow is a smaller city and the highlights are definitely not in the city center. I spent about 4 days in the city and recommend that most of the attractions can be completed within 2 days! The city offers great history lessons but the shopping areas and main street were quite disappointing. All in all – not my favorite city but one to drop by if you are in Scotland.